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I have installed WIN2000 Server on a network as a single Domain Controller with 6 workstations. I am running 3 of those with 2000 Professional and 3 with WIN98 SE. My 2000 Pro's have no problem logging onto the domain and sharing data but, I can't get the WIN98 machines to log into the domain at all. I am running DHCP on the server, I have TCP/IP only on all systems and I am not running DNS or WINS.
Check this out, my WIN98 workstations will pick up an IP address form the server and can ping the server no problem but will not log into the domain or see the server in the Network Hood. The server will asign an IP address to the WIN98 workstations but cannot ping those workstations IP addresses.
A friend of mine ran into a similar problem with his network and was on the phone with Microsoft for several days to fix the problem and cannot remember the fix. Is this common? Can anyone help? Thanks

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  1. Figured it out. I had Zone Alarm running on the WIN98 workstations which prevented me from getting to domain controller. OOPS!
  2. How's Windows 2000 Server so far? I'm finishing up my training course in Win 2K server next week and my last course in the Cisco Academy. Have you installed the Active Directory Client on your win 98 machine? I'm setting up a test lab and so far I got Win2K Server to crash after installing SP1, although I have Win2K Pro running without any problems on another machine.
  3. I was going to guess it had to do with the Active Directory stuff. But, if you got it to work, then that's all done. You may want to keep Active Directory stuff in mind though in the future... :)

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