First build not booting

I am going to copy some stuff from another forum that I wrote about the problem I am having, please give me a hand.

I'm stumped I have gone over everything a few times over to see what might be causing the problem. The problem is the computer will not boot, the green light on the mobo goes on and stays on, but the fans will go on and off. I have checked my connections for the wires, they seem fine. I have changed the location of the memory even taken it out. When the memory is out the mobo will not beep at me. Do you think something is fried? Here is a list of what is installed:

PSU: Neo 550
Mobo: Intel dg965wh
Processor: E6300
HDD: Western Dig 500g
Memory: mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB) model: 996529

Let me know what you think I should do.


And also this:

i was able to get the fans and everything to kick on by using just one stick of Ram, but I did not get any video from the monitor. Both sticks work *sometimes* while alone. Should I for a first step return the memory and see if thats the problem? Remember that it doesn't always kick on, it still cycles the fans on and off like before. Can you tell me why the fans will kick on w/out hitting the power button? Please give me a hand with this problem i really can't figure it out.


Thank you for all your help
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  1. You can try powering up with all componenets our of the case. But also check out this from intel

    Don't know if your memory is OK, read the link.
  2. Yea the board is very picky about what yo can use, but if you check out newegg reviews on it you will find that people are succesfully using this ram with the dg965wh board. Thanks though.
  3. check your psu, change it out if you can. it might not be providing enough. since it's an intel board i too suspect its the RAM, and personally i hate muskin. go with a corsair if you can get a new one
  4. I had this exact problem about 2 years ago. Turned on the power switch and the fans would spin up for a split second, and the MOBO light would come on - but thats it. I thought it was the PSU, until I replaced it and the same thing happened. Turned out it was a defective MOBO. Based on my personal experience, I suspect your MOBO.

  5. you know I was thinking the mobo was the problem too. I'm going to have to getintouch with intel and see what they will do. I have a second set of RAM coming my way so I'll check with that first tho.

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