Need a BYOD IDE NAS for 4 drives


I am having the hardest time finding a 4 drive NAS that supports IDE. The only one I can find is the Thecus N4000, but I can't find it available for sale anywhere.

Question: Do any of you have any recommendations for a product or solution?

The reason I'm looking for this is that I now have 4 extra 300GB IDE drives that are unused. They are unused because when I upgraded my server to a 64-bit OS, I couldn't find a reasonably priced IDE RAID controller that has 64 bit drivers. The consumer models only come in SATA, so I ended up going with a SATA RAID on my server with new drives and all.

I travel to lands far away that sometime have no Internet connectivity so I'm trying to find a smallish/portable solution that will give myself and several others access to a lot of data over a LAN.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try this site out

    or Pick up a Snap 4000 raid 5 NAS Box from eBay. Do NOT BUY THE 4100 OR DELL 705N THESE DO NOT SUPPORT 48LBA. Need v3.4.805 or v4 Snap OS.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply.

    I couldn't find any stand alone NAS products on

    Also, I need something smaller than a rackmount form factor as it needs to fit in a pack or suitcase size container. A device more along the size and shape of the Snap 2200 or Thecus N4000 would be better.

    The device must accompnay me and I often travel by air and some of the modes of travel I utilize and don't have the room for a 19" wide device.

    Any other suggestions or am I SOL?
    Thanks again.
  3. Quote:

    The device must accompnay me and I often travel by air and some of the modes of travel I utilize and don't have the room for a 19" wide device.

    I wouldn't expect a long life for desktop HD's under travelling conditions (I imagine some rough roads, vehicle shocks, etc.), and would probably try SATA notebook drives, optical storage, perhaps satellite wireless or mnemonics instead.

    You could try SATA adapters. E.g.
  4. As long as the device is of the form factors I described, I can ensure that it is reasonably cushioned while traveling on rough transports.
  5. I 2nd the snap server suggestion. Just out of curiosity why do you need 4 drives? With hdd capacity these days, you could make a 1TB NAS out of 2 drives. There are tons of used snap servers roaming around. I believe Linksys also makes a NAS that supports two disks. If you don't need more than 1TB, that's what I'd go with.
  6. The 4000 can run RAID5, which should match the bandwidth of the 10/100 network. The max size is 250gig x 4 = 750gig usable space. Raid 5 gives you speed along with data protection. He is more interested in data protection.

    The Snap 2200 is a small foot print with raid 0 & 1. What I have, supports old mac's running 8.6 OS and up. Not a fast unit. Uses hardware raid, but only has a 4.8 Meg/sec speed.
  7. Ah, ok. Don't forget actual vs. formatted capacity though!
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