Quad Core CPU .. stick to 975X or wait for something beter

hi was wondering if there is any new chipset comming out for the quad cores versus the current ASUS P5W DH DELUXE 975X or is something better comming out in the comming months
chipset that is
thanks in advanced
and this system will be heavily overclocked :-P
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  1. How about software for quad cores?

    Now thats a thought!

    Wouldn't that be more important than a chipset theres no software available to take advantage of the extra cores?

    Just curious? Its your money, and your problems you'll be running into!
  2. You won't run into any problems. I don't know what the other guy was talking about. I have the Asus P5W DH Deluxe and I will be dropping in a QX6700 in about a week. The only other boards I would recommend, based on reviews by Tomshardware and Anandtech, are the eVGA 680i board or the Asus Striker Extreme 680i. The eVGA board with cost between $50 to $100 less than the Striker Extreme.

    As far as software, it will catch up to the quad core proc you want. Until then, enjoy the ability to megatask like you've never done before!
  3. The ABIT AW9D Series is good also!


  4. yea im not worried about software.. so you guys r saying stick to 975x?
    do u know of any new chipsets comming out in the comming months by any chance?
  5. I am fairly sure the 975x will not work with the next-gen quad core. Yorksfield. You will need at least the bearlake (X38) for that.
  6. no it supports the quad cores thats for sure... (check the asus webist for example) but when is this next gen chipset?
    and im talking about the current quad cores that are partially out now. ( xeons and stuff)
  7. THE 975x works with the kentsfield quad-core, not the yorksfield quad-core.
    The next gen chipset is called bearlake. That will come in the form of p35,g35, and x38. Some versions will have a 1333 Mhz front-side bus and DDR3 RAM. Bearlake will come in Q2-3 2007.
    The next socket is Socket B and H.
    Socket B - a new socket for future Intel CPUs incorporating the integrated memory controller and CSI (LGA 1366 contacts)
    Socket H - a replacement to the current Socket T (LGA 715 contacts)
    The first CPU offering from Intel to be on Socket B will be Bloomfield from the Nehalem family while the first 45nm processors from AMD will be based on Socket AM3
    Socket B/H will come in Mid 2008

    In short, if you just need the current quad-core, the 975x or p965 is good enough.
  8. RD600 680i and 975x should all be good.

    Better chipsets won't come out until about summer correct? I plan on putting a quad core in my board once they get alot cheaper.
  9. ok so in other words....
    get a computer now and by the time that next-gen technology blooms it'll be another year... and by the i'll get a new comp...

    and i was talking about the current gen of quad cores... the ones that r comming out in a month or two with 2mb of casche X4 cores or 4mb's cache? anyways thats what im planning on getting
  10. Yeah, although i think the 680i or RD600 may be slightly more upgradeable since they will support 1333MHz FSB. I don't think the 975x will (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
  11. Asus's board with the 650i chipset also supports Quad core and 1333mhz FSB. It's the cheaper version of the 680i, is still SLI (but only 8x in dual mode). $130-$150 on some websites. They are making a 650i Ultra which is the non-SLI version soon. I think without looking it up, the model # is the P5N-E or something. Just go to newegg and type 650i.

    Asus is the only company out now with it, but other manufacturers are to follow.
  12. ok question........

    u guys think they will be updating the asus deluxe 95x to support the 1333 fbs in the comming months or osemthing? when r the 13333fbs cores comming out anyways? soon right?
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