I/O controller hub temp

I have an intel 965 board and the temp on the I/O controller hub is extreamly high.
158-166 F and that's with me doing just normal stuff that keeps computer at idle.
Why is this so high?
other temps:
CPU 111
MB 111
Mem Controler 118
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  1. Check that all your fans are working, including power supply and graphics card. Consider adding a front fan.
    The CPU temperature of 43 Celsius or 111 Fahrenheit appears to be normal. The motherboard and memory controller appear to be normal as well. The only temperature out of whack appears to be the I/O Controller, which may be solved by an additional fan.
  2. I have all of my fans working.
    Where do I look on teh MB for this part?
  3. I was suggesting you add a front case fan. Behind the front bezel you can screw in a fan and connect it to the power supply.
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