What stuff is important for light to moderate video editing?

My friend has a $AU1500 budget and needs (and I mean it) a new pc. Hes currently on a 333mhz pentium with 92mb RAM :? Hes been looking at dells and lenovos and cant keep under his budget, and I wanna do a build for him coz I enjoy it 8) Anyway, he doesnt play games (obviously considering his current pc) just does usual office stuff. He may do some video light to moderate video editing so I need to allow for that. Problem is I dont do that and I dont know what hardware is most important for it. He will be getting vista home premium btw so enough RAM is obviously important. All the pre-built Pcs he has seen have wither onboard video or some 7300LE or something which is hardly powerful. But then again, do you really need powerful graphics for video editing?

Basically, can anyone give me a list of priorities for a basic home pc with light to moderate video editing capabilities? And maybe some suggested hardware too.

Thanks from the smiling cat 8)
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  1. video editing is a verrry processor intense task. having a half decent video card never hurts, im told if you use adobe premeir it can offload some work to your video card, so i'd get something half decent (7600gt or better perhaps), but definetly get a good processor, lots of memory and a good storage setup, probably raid of some sort.
  2. CPU, RAM, & a lot of HDD space.
  3. Quote:
    CPU, RAM, & a lot of HDD space.

    Pretty much. 2gb of ram, a midrange C2D, and a couple 250gb or 320gb drives in RAID 0.

    smiling cat makes me happy.
  4. Quote:
    Pretty much. 2gb of ram, a midrange C2D, and a couple 250gb or 320gb drives in RAID 0.

    Yes this is what you need.
    Actually JBOD is good, as you need at least 2 (or maybe 3) drives to work with when encoding/transcoding video!
    You could then take your AC3 5.1 audio from one HD, your MPEG4 video from a second HD, and mux them into your final AVI file on the third HD.
    So two drives only read and the third only writes - could you imagine trying to do it all on just one HD?
    RAID0 is useful as a very fast drive to capture video in real-time. But modern HDs are pretty fast though, and Raptors are amazing.
    High resolution capture in real-time will benefit from RAID0 but otherwise... you won't need it.
    If you just have to have 2 HDs in RAID0 you will still need at least one (or two) more HDs, so be aware when selecting your case, PSU etc...
    But big HDs have never been more affordable! Stock up,
  5. This is only for light to moderate video editing, probably closer to light tho. And its on a fairly tight budget of $AU1500 so it cant cost too much. cpu will likely be a C2D e6300 or e6400 and will definitely get 2gig RAM. As for HDD, it depends on how much the rest of the system costs :wink: . Trying to save money on the case a bit.
  6. This is a good post. I plan on using my pc for video editing as well. How much of a difference would there be in moving up to the e6600 which has 4mb cache over the e6400 with 2mb cache?
  7. Hi guys,
    I was just saying, I'd rather have 2 HDs as JBOD rather than RAID since certain benefits of having 2 HDs are not realized in a RAID configuration.
    The 2 HDs in RAID appear as one volume to Windows. You cannot then work from one drive to the other, or assign separate volumes as Boot, System, and PageFile like I can with my four partitions spread over three HDs.
    ...moving up to the e6600 which has 4mb cache over the e6400 with 2mb cache?

    Sure! Go for it (it's only money).
    Personally, it's the platform that produces The Big Speed for me - the memory, the vidcard, the Raptor and other fast drives, and the modern mobo FSB.
    It's all just really crisp and fast! A wonderful platform (with even the very slowest CPU). Trust me, an E6300 is quite fast - equal to AMD x2 4600+ at least.
    Again personally, I selected the E6400 because I knew it would be fine, and it is - it flies!
    I have a long tradition of buying new, fast platforms with not the very fastest CPU supported... very little of what typical PC users do is actually CPU-intensive.
    Anyway: memory, Raptor, vidcard and PSU were big priorities in my build.
    I saw a guy somewhere in the forums, he's building an E6600 but with cheapo mobo, cheapo PSU and memory etc.
    It's... a different approach (and not my style) LoL,
  8. Do you think a 7600GT video card is enough for now? I don't want to drop a lot on a video card and upgrade to dx10 in a year. BTW, is the seagate Barracuda a good drive? I am planning on getting the Asus P5B Deluxe GameXStream 600W PSU, and Super Talent DDR2 800 RAM, so I am with you on quality components. I do most of my video stuff with Pinnacle and photo stuff with Photoshop and Capture NX.

  9. I think for video editing what is needed most is RAM 2GB will be enough, a good CPU and also a lot of storage space. A good compatible HD video card wouldn't harm espacially as we are entering the era of HD.
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