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Hey guys, I know this is a pretty weird question, but I was wondering if any of you knew how to identify which version of the Linksys WRT54GS I was using. I threw away the box, (oops - noobish mistake) and I can't seem to find anything about identifying your router version anywhere on the internet. In case you're wondering, the reason for this strange question is that I want to get onto Xbox Live, but after purchasing the Wireless Adapter and opening it, I realized I didn't have a compatible adapter :cry: I figured out that the Xbox and it's Wireless Adapter only accepts the WRT54GS Version 2, and on the firmware section of the Linksys downloads site it says that there are 6 version of the WRT54GS, so PLEASE HELP ME, ANYONE! P.S. the Xbox Live diagnostic test says that I'm failing the MTU Test, can anyone make heads or tails of this?
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  1. Check here for the complete list of G/GS/GL serial numbers vs Version numbers
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