EVGA 7600GT vs KO vs XFX 7600GT XXX

Hi! I've been looking around, and it seems as though people are having problems with the XFX 7600GT XXX and the EVGA 7600GT KO overclocked cards. Is buying a factory-overclocked card safe?

My main question is whether I should opt for (all are PCI-e 16x) a standard 7600GT from EVGA, or, if going for an overclocked version, get the EVGA or XFX version?

I won't be doing any overclocking on my own.

Also, I currently have an old XFX gpu, and when I purchased it new (retail), the fan for it crapped out within 2 months (I now want to stay away from XFX). So is there any big selling point for the XFX XXX over the EVGA KO ?

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. I'm not sure what problems these people are having. But usually people that buy factory overclocked cards, overclock those cards a lot more than those factory settings (I know because I'm one of them)

    I have a Gainward 7600GT Golden Sample (passive heatsink), and have no problems at stock settings. If I OC like crazy, then I get lock ups because I have pushed too far.

    650/1580 seems to be working fine for me :D

    Anyway, if the card has a guarantee, and you run at stock settings, if it doesn't work, return it...

    Go for any card you like, the OC versions offer a bit more performance :D
  2. Ditto to that.

    What problems? How many problems do you know of?

    XFX is one of the best out there. Why didn't you just return it when your fan crapped out?
  3. I am unaware of any issues with the 7600GT XXX version, if you know of any or have a link to posts please let me know. Also I agree with Dade_0182 when your fan failed did you contact us for an RMA or fan replacement? As much as many of us manufactures don’t like to admit it, parts do fail and when this happens we try to make the experience as painless for the customer as possible.

    XFX Support
  4. I can't find the threads, but IIRC I read about some issues a month or two ago. But I guess there's nothing to be worried about. :wink:

    As for the RMA, XFX wanted me to send in my whole graphics card, at my expense, and the whole deal would've taken several weeks. So I went to a computer shop and bought a GPU fan and installed it myself for less than what shipping would've cost! :P

    Thanks for everyone's input! I'm going to go with the EVGA KO version. :!:
  5. Whatever makes you happy. At least you should get the step up program now (I think).
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