Comp wont boot? Fans going nuts!

I have a P4 3.0 with a thermaltake fan, stock one took a dump on me last year. Rest of comp is basic, sound, vid, cd and dvd, nothing fancy. I went to turn my comp on, and the fans would turn on off on off constantly. It was like a car trying to turn over. I figured my psu took a crap on me. So lucky enough to have a backup, hooked it up, same problem, so not that lucky :( I unplugged everything but sound card (pci) and cpu fan and did the same thing, on off on off. Any suggestions?
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  1. One fan to mobo, other 2 psu.
  2. Suggestion #1: Try unseating and reseating everything you can, all your jumpers, RAM, CPU, etc.

    Suggestion #2: Exorcism.

    Edit to add: Clean all the dust off and around the motherboard. There have been instances of tiny metal filings in dust shorting things out.
  3. Ill try that when I get home from work, ty. Now if that dont work, is there a website to download a Exorcism? 8O
  4. Quote:
    Ill try that when I get home from work, ty. Now if that dont work, is there a website to download a Exorcism? 8O

    Dude, the greatness of the net is that you can find anything you want.

    Online DIY Exorcism

    Enjoy! 8)
  5. Reset the CMOS. I doubt you're going to have a random spare socket 478 board around (I assume you mean socket 478?) to put your CPU and RAM into to test and see if it's the motherboard, so do what they recommended then reset the CMOS and see if that works. After that...start your PC with a screwdriver across the two 'start' pins and see if that works.
  6. Ok what are 2 start pins?
  7. Quote:
    Ok what are 2 start pins?

    The front panel header pins. The button that 'starts' the computer connects to it. Jump those two together with a screwdriver for a "hard" start. This will, in almost all probability, solve nothing. The chances of your starter switch malfunctioning like a batsh!t demon are so painfully slim I wish I had never mentioned it.
  8. Yeah, dont think Ill try that one :) I have removed everything off the board and no luck. No boot, fans just keep acting like they want to go but keep having a stall in them. Just odd, no weather, no storm within a couple weeks, comp was on for part of the day no problems. Turned off np, then just started acting up. Guess Ill get a new mobo and go from there. UGH! Happy Holidays Everyone!
  9. Unplug all fans but your cpu fan and see if you can get a boot. I've seen instances like this at work where a bad voltage regulator on the motherboard was causing the issue.
  10. dice... I just started to unplug one thing at a time. Still the same, didnt change anything.
  11. New motherboard and she fired right up. What a pain. Next step, I only replaced the mobo, is it possible to not have to reinstall everything under the sun?
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