P4B533-E and RAID Array Boot Sequence

I've updated my mobo BIOS to the latest Asus BIOS - 1015 Beta. I've been trying to add a hard drive on the SEC IDE Channel, but for some reason the BIOS tries to boot from my new IDE hard drive rather than my existing RAID array which is my 'C' drive? I've looked at the BIOS settings and there is no choice to boot from the RAID array - only floppy, CDRW, or my new hard drive. Does anyone know of any way to tell the BIOS to boot from my RAID array?
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  1. in the boot sequence it may be called boot from other (scis/onboard ata)
  2. Thanks, but that is the problem. When I go into the BIOS, the only choices are booting from the floppy, CDRW, my new IDE hard drive, or from a LAN appliance. There is no other option. I notice on a different computer I have with a Asus P4P800 mobo, there is a raid array boot option. I have no idea why there isn't one on this mobo (P4B533E) and I was hoping someone with the same mobo could tell me where in the BIOS can I set this, or how can I add a new hard drive on either the IDE PRI or SEC channels.
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