How to Overclock the P5PE-VM???

Yesterday i bought a Asus P5PE-VM and a 2.66 Pentium-D after reading the THG article on how well the 2.66PentiumD 805 overclocks.
But I can't find any where in the BIOS how to increase clock speeds.
Can anybody help? Or is there any software based overclocking availble ( I want some thing which will not kill or hang my system)
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  1. I believe that the settings should be somewhere in the Advanced -> Jumper Free Settings. Though I think that the P5PE-VM only supports DDR 400 which will highly limit your OC. Also it's important to note that THG's article does indicate some points that are important, such as the quality of the mobo, and also the quality of the RAM.
  2. i also using asus p5pe-vm but it does not giving any offer in the setup to over clock. i tried my level best even after updating the bios driver but no solution.
  3. That board is a weird board to be honest most socket 775s didnt have AGP they usually had PCIE also that board doesnt even use DDR2. The only way you will be able to maybe overclock is thru programs try setfsb or clockgen. Also you could even try downloading ASUS easy tune program it most likely wont work but its worth a shot. Besides that there is no way you can overclock via the bios that must have been one of ASUS's budget boards.

    If you are deadset on using that CPU you could always find a cheap G31 or EP43 board on ebay and use that and when you are tired of the Pentium D throw a Core 2 in it.
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