How can i downgrade my windows?

i currently have windows 7 64 bit ultimate installed and i would like to downgrade to home premium, is there a way to do so?

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  1. 7 cannot be downgraded. You will have to reinstall it to put on Home Premium.
  2. I'm curious, why would you want to downgrade?
  3. i dont need all the features that come with the ultimate version
  4. Have you already paid for Ultimate? If so, you would have to pay again when buying Home Premium.

    Hardly seems worth it... If there are extra features you don't need... just don't use them.
  5. this is off topic q

    how can i get this forum to show all my threads or posts at once? the see all threads at the top left doesn't seem to be working the way i would like it to
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Downgrade Windows 7