How's this for strange? Weird temperature readings.

I'm looking to a bit of modest overclocking on my new E6400, so I thought I'd give the temperatures a check, strange thing is... coretemp is giving lower readings than Asus probe!

Under full load:
coretemp 51-2C
probe 60-1C
intel tat 51C

Weird huh? Any ideas why I might get this? Is it possible for the socket temp to be that high while the coretemp is that low? Or should I just trust the better program and get on with my life....

Anyway, I'm using a scythe ninja and have been led to believe I'd get lower temperatures than this, coretemp gives me low 30's when idle, usually 33C. The only reason I can think it wouldn't be working well is that I just used the standard white goo that comes with it... would yanking it out and putting something like AS5 on it make a lot of difference?

Also, given these temps and a P5B (vanilla unfortunately) what kind of overclocks should I be expecting?

Apologies for length and questions!!
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  1. Nothing weird there, coretemp/tat are the temps that matter.

    Most people can hit 3.2Ghz with little or no overvoltage I changed from default 1.325v to 1.350v.

    Try to keep your temp for both cores loaded to 60C and below (coretemp/tat)
  2. Cheers, I just found it amusing that the one that's meant to give lower temps was wrong in the other direction!
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