PLEASE..someone help! I cannot find an answer anywhere

I have Windows Mail/Vista. It has always run fine. Now every time I send mail with an attachment, the email is sent to the recipient 20 or 30 times! The # of sent messages is different every time. I tested it by sending mail to myself. When I send without an attachment it's fine. Antivirus did not detect anything. I cannot find any help online. Clients are getting very P.O.! :o Can someone help me with this?
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  1. Your Sent Items folder is probably over 2 GB. Find Sent Items.dbx and delete it. Warning: You'll loose all your Sent Items.
  2. Hi Grumpy!
    I did what you said. I searched for sent items.dbx and deleted it, but when I went to windows mail (express) all my sent emails were still there, so I just deleted them all. Unfortunately it did not work. It still sends the same email (with attachments) 30 times. Any other ideas?
    Much appreciated!
  3. You must not have deleted the correct Sent Items.dbx file. Try finding the file again and checking the size of the file.
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