Hot temps running a Monsoon II TEC cooler on a Conroe 6700

I'm consistently idling at 49-52*C with no overclocking, and running FEAR or BF2 the CPU temp is hitting high 60's. I'm new to Intel chips, but from what I've read with the TEC cooling system installed, I should be seeing approx. 30*C for an idle temp, and hit low 50's under load. This is what i'm seeing on NewEgg for reviews of that particular cooling device. The Monsoon is a bit tricky to install as you have to remove the mobo and attach it from the back of the mobo. In doing this, I may have compromised the seal of my thermal grease between the bottom of the cooling device and the top of the cpu.

Can a bad seal of grease cause that much of a disparity of performance? Should I dismantle everything and try to make sure the two surfaces only contact each other once before being secured?

Additionally, i'm getting 3dMark06 scores of approx 8100. Is that in line for the setup detailed below?


system info
Asus P5N-32 SLI Premium WiFi
E6700 Conroe
2MB Crucial RAM DDR667
Seagate Barracuda 7200 320GB HD
eVGA 7950 GX2
Silverstone Zeus 750W
Vigor Gaming CLT M2I TEC cooler
The case has five cooling fans so in-case airflow shouldn't be the culprit.
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  1. Try reseating the Monsoon II. Take out the mobo, take off the Monsoon II, and redo the installation process. Use the supplied thermal grease (it calls for a thin layer over the processor) then install the heatsink, if your still not getting temps around 30, rma the Monsoon II, it may be a defective one.
  2. I have the Monsoon TEC Lite. You have to reseat the fan. Even if the TEC failed, you should be running much cooler at Idle. I disabled the TEC on mine to experiment (I was replacing their VERY noisy fan with a new one), and air cooled on my ASUS Striker mobo with a Conroe E6300 (1.86 running oc'd at 3.01), I get readings between 33C-37C at idle and 61C-62C peak. With the TEC on with the same OC settings, I run at around 26C-27C at idle and 51C-52 peak which is consistent with Vigor's claims of a 10C reduction. Hope this helps.
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