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Hey, Im not to knoweldgable about wireless signal range so I was hoping you guys could help me out. Right now I have a


and at my cabin my friend has a wireless network and his cabin is about 500ft away from mine. If I go out into the middle of the field and my atenna is high enough since it's USB I can pick it up but I can't pick it up inside my cabin.

I was wondering if I bought a PCMIA card would I beable to pick it up? I don't know how good the signal range is on my linksys USB I have now, does anyone know is it pretty good or im kind of under the assumption that if I get a PCMIA card I might get a wider longer signal range and a more reliable one because my Usb is pretty touchy.

Thanks guys was just wondering if I should spend $20 and get a PCMIA card and if I'd beable to pick up his network.
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  1. You can try it but you can never tell becuase there are different obstructions in the way of both your AP's try placing your router in different locations.

    The card may be better but no one can really tell you if it is or not. I have a bum old PCI card that i cant get connection 10 feet away but have a built in wireless on two laptops that get signal about 200 feet away.
  2. The problem with wireless is that a large portion of the signal is lost going through walls and other solid objects (Trees, hills, etc) Also your computer or wireless adapter should be a reasonable distance from large metalic objects or bodies of water (fishtanks) --Netgear has a FYI on their site on how to improve range.

    In general you need 'line of site', One antenna should be able to see the other. (Or you should be able to see one antenna while standing at the other...)

    One option is to try cards/bridges with external antenna options. If you can get a directional antenna you may be able to make the link, assuming there are few obstructions. seatle wireless would have some information related to this.
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