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I am not sure if this is the right category so forgive me and let me know how to correct it.

When I plug in my Logitech MX518 into my Win7 comp, windows does not recognize the device. Let me give you a little background of how it happened. I was moving from my old apartment into a new apartment. At my old apartment, everything worked fine; I've never had a problem with that particular mouse (Besides sticking keys). So when I moved into my new apartment, I set up my comp. I built this computer from scratch in 2010. Now that I have moved, my MX518 no longer works in my Win7 Comp. So I tried to see if my mouse was the culprit by plugging it into another computer, my laptop. Now, I must say that I have a $20 logitech mouse which I bought from Target years ago, which worked prior to trying to install my MX518. After I plugged in my MX518 into my laptop, my laptop didn't recognize it. When I plugged in my $20 mouse, it's not recognized either. I tried to plug in my $20 mouse into my Win7 comp but it still won't recognize it. These are the things I've already tried but to no avail:

1) Plugged and Unplugged mouse
2) Reset CMOS on my WIN7 comp
3) Reinstalled Drivers
4) Uninstalled USB Controllers through device manager.

I'm really boggled by this problem. What is weird is that my keyboard for my Win7 comp does work. I am hesitant on trying to install mice on another computer if it will affect it the same way. Any help would be appreciated. I am currently in the process of contacting Logitech for support. Not sure if it will help but wouldn't hurt to try.
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  1. I know you said you reinstalled drivers, but I have win7 and a MX518 mouse. All I did was install the newest drivers.
  2. You tried the mouse on 2 PCs, neither of them worked with it. Seems to point to a bad mouse.
  3. The problem is I can not get either mouse to work/recognized by both my computers. My old one ($20) was working fine up until I plugged in the MX518, then both went kaput. Both computers have the latest setpoint drivers, although it was a pain to dl that stuff using only the tab key and enter key. Luckily, I just remembered I had an old ps/2 mouse. I am going to buy a mouse from Fry's along with a ps/2 adapter to check to see if my mice have any problems. Another thing which I took note of is that my USB Ports coming from my case (Not directly from the mobo) does not work anymore but they are recognized from the device manager. When I try to test the USB Port from my case using a USB drive, the end of the USB for my USB drive was pretty hot and I smelled something burning from the USB Port. Not a very good sign I presume. Can anybody explain why this might be? I'm pretty sure it's plugged in but I'll open it up and make sure nothings loose inside. I'll keep periodically updating as I try different things.
  4. Reset the BIOS on the computers, that tends to fix USB ports if they are no physically damaged.
  5. It sounds like you have a bad ground on the USB and when you plugged in the MX518 it shorted out the ports. Hopefully that isn't the case.
  6. It's not the case! :sol: Turns out both of my mice went bad at the same time. That's a sigh of relief. I just bought a mouse and it works well on both my comp and lappy. I'm really disappointed in the MX518. Now I guess I have to wait for another replacement. Maybe the third time is the charm? Anybody have any recommendation for mice? Thanks for the help guys/gals.
  7. Talk about coincidence... anyhow, you may have just got a bum mouse. I have two MX518's. One is 4 years old. The other is 7 or 8 years old. Both are still working flawlessly.
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