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I know CE is the usual place for monitor questions, but thought the homebuild crowd might have thoughts on this. Looking to build soon and was going to go with the viewsonic vx 922 because of great reviews at multiple sites. Now Newegg has this monitor - monitor - on sale and it looked interesting. Analog only but most say that isn't a big deal. Does a vid card need to specifically output in widescreen or will most handle it (looking at 7900 GS)?
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  1. What's you're price range, that 20.1" Sceptre is 199 with rebate, and is awesome, my friend just got one. If you're wanting to stick in that 160ish range, I have This One and it's great, my cat even peed on it and it still works! Also your vid card will have no problem outputting at this resolution
  2. Yeah, I just got my Sceptre in today, it is ******** awesome. Doesn't come with a DVI cable so I added it to my order.

    Otherwise get a Hanns-G. They are great for the money and have DVI input, the Viewsonic does not.
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