Question about mobo ram compatibility....

I have decided to upgrade my fathers ( and mine) pc slowly, he wants to be "frugile"
Keeping his current agp vid card etc....
The mobo is a
Asrock ASRock 775Dual-VSTA Socket T (LGA 775) VIA PT880 PRO ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
Going to use a Intel e6400 (even though I have always been a die harder AMD fan, too many good notes about OC'n this cpu etc... I will also be water cooling my e6400 and have a water cooled 6800gt oc)
What do I have to worry about ram compatibility brands etc...
Also the main question would be:
Would it be better (for a gamer) to add 1= 1gb ddr2 533/667 or for now stick with the 2gb's of ddr pc3200?
Also would he be better (as a mathmatics user etc...) using 1.5 gb's ddr pc3200 or upgrading to 1gb ddr2 533/667?
And, again, what would be best bet for ram compatibility on this combo?
I hope this question falls in the right place, if not please move it or let me know to move it.
Now that I see this I will also post this in the memory question area, please delet or move it if I am wrong, I know how annoying it is to have idiots like me making dumb
In advance, thanks for the help, weren't for forums like this I would be even dumber... 8)
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  1. Most games won't benefit from having the extra gig of ram, so I'd get some ddr2-667 ram. That way when you upgrade to pci-e motherboard, you'll still be able to use that ram.
  2. Sounds good, but this board also had a PCIE slot, that is why I like it, I can run my agp now then upgrade to a Nice PCIE board later... 8)
    How does that change your answer any?
    I will be doing a SLI pc in the very near future also, just doing a cheap upgrade now.
  3. Its only 4x pci-e not 16x. Any gpu upgrade thats better than your 6800 is going to need 16x pci-e. Unless you've got lots of cash to burn (which I take it you don't) sli is probably not going to perform any better than a single dx10 card unless its two dx10 cards in sli. Even then there are very few cards that need that much power.
  4. I had no idea, it says several areas agp and 16x PCI-E Slot.
    Then in another area it says 16x pci-e (4x electrical)
    I have been dooped? So a PCI-E card of any kind on this board will be no better than my water cooled BFG 6800GT OC (seperate water cooler for vid card) I have been very very ill and not able to keep up with the latest cards, langauge etc..... if that is the fact that is pretty low, it should for a fact state it is only a 4x slot, this would be a first for NewEgg's rep in my eyes, they have always been very helpfull and honest...
    I hate to unleash the wrath that is "I", the Morbid
    Heres where it hints 16x pcie
    It is not an expensive board, so if that is so I can get an SLI board soon, if that makes a big diff, actualy whenever the dx10 cards get badazz... (and a lil
    thanks again for the help
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