Why cant i install my os on my acer aspire 5336?

some one help me if i boot my pc ang install a new windows lyk xp or vista if the cd reads after a sec, the pc said error if you 1st tym 2 see this message pls boot or unstall some application or have a virus ect. what should i do plss help me
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  1. is my harddisk breakdown? what is the problem of my pc? pllsss help me i dont know what to do plsssssssss..... my os is japanese windows 7 and i want to change wid xp i have a xp cd but icant install it! i go for the boot menu and loading setup but sadenly error message will show huuhuhuhuh plss helap me
  2. The thing you have to check on when installing XP is in your BIOS. Make sure the SATA mode is set to IDE. If it's not, XP will always blue screen for XP does not support SATA natively.
  3. there should be a STOP: error message. if you could provide this to us it would help immensely
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