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im a total PSU noob but something that has popped up in my head while looking at PSU's for my new rig...

i see things like "700w SLI blablabla PSU"...

if it says SLi on it does that mean it works with only SLi mobos / graphics?...
or will it work with crossfire aswell?
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  1. Yes, as long as it provides enough power on the +12V rail it should be fine for SLi. The only problem with with it being an SLi vs. a crossfire certified PSU is that ATI does not use 6-pin PCIe connectors (so far as I know) they instead use 4 pin molexes so you would have to get some PCIe 6pin to 4pin adapters or vice versa for them to work with Crossfire or SLi respectively. Although I wouldn't reccomend this as it increases resistance.
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    WTF are you talking about. All PCI-e video cards that require more power then what can be pulled from the PCI-e slot itself uses the 6 pin PCI-e connector. This is an ATX standard not just nvidia. If it has the amps needed for the system and is SLI certified it will work with CF as well. All the certification means is that nvidia has reviewed that PSUs specs and has found it to meat the requierments for certain SLI stups. Just because it's SLI certified dosn't mean it will run a system with 8800 SLIed. Thats why you need to know the power needs of the system and make sure the PSU can excead those needs by about 4A.

    kk ty, i assume a 700w powersupply would be enough to run 2 8800GTX's (or ATI equivilent) ?

    the above is the PSU im looking at to run my new rig

    2x8800GTX (or ATI equivilent) graphics
    E6600 Processor
    X-Fi Extreme music sound
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2-6400C5 TwinX ram
    2x RAID-0 Raptors

    wont be overclocking
  3. Quote:
    That will be perfect for your needs .

    :) thanks thats just the reply i needed ^^

    if only i could get such a good reply for the rest of the components im looking at & wondering if there all compatible etc lol
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