Im new here Comment what you think of my computer

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Thank You very much
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  1. The X2 4200 Overclocked to 2.6Ghz or beyond? if not I'm going to put a 3 too
  2. I got it overclocked to 2.4
  3. pretty nice build all together tho i personally love the core2duo and would have got a build from that instead.
  4. Yeah, i would have gone with a C2D, but its still a nice build.
  5. Quote:
    I got it overclocked to 2.4

    I don't know what kind of Cooling solution you have Mouted upon that Chip but That CPU should be able to overclock to at least 2.6Ghz to Compliment that SLI you have setup.
  6. Given that those video cards cost atleast $300 and you spent $100 more on the SLI motherboard...I would have picked the M2N and an 8800gts instead. But otherwise I wish I had a puter half that powerful.
  7. no i spend 419 dollars for both Video Cards and Pay only $61 Dollars difference and their is difference between them too boards, not just that one is wireless and the other one isnt wireless
  8. Sorry, I didn't intend to sound critical. I also ment the Asus M2N-E.

    I do like your computer. Score: 3
  9. oc to 2.6? =\ i dunno if mine is a bad chip or waht but i find it hard to get mine past 2.68 without changing voltage

    anyways very nice build.. i really wanted a c2d but it was too expensive..

    which poses the question.. how much performance do we really need?i know the c2d are better price/performers but my 4600+ used to be near top end.. which back then most of us wouldve longed for..

    anways its enough for me and your 4200+ should last you awhile.. especially if your a gamer.

    please tell me if it made sense-ish =\
  10. Well, is it a new computer or an older one?
  11. well Id have to say new Since AM2 havent been out to long haha neither has the 7900 gs its not brand new but they def arent old
  12. Like the build, but one 8800GTS could best that SLI solution, Core 2 Duo is better, and the internal HDD is a mere 80GB.

    Nevertheless, a 4.
  13. New system or Old system?

    I would prefer a Core 2 Duo in your build as it's performance easily beats everything in AMD's line as far as price/performance goes. Push your processor past 2.6ghz and you'll feel much better.
    Not a big fan of the BFG psu's, had a friend lose his 850watt after 2 weeks of use.
    Internal 80gb? why? You can get a 250gb for $80 on Newegg, is it from your older computer? is it sata? and what company?
    Please spell Samsung correctly in your signature...misspells in a sig just make you look like a noob. :wink:

    Other than that...looks pretty good beyond my personal preferences.

    I'll give it a 3.

    Post a decent score here...and I'll give you a 4.
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