Contact Tom's Hardware?

Hello there!

How do I contact TH support team?
I tried the link on the page bottom but it show a blank page.

I'd like to make a small change to my nickname: azevedo -> Azevedo. :sol:

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  1. When you log in... all you have to do is log in as Azevedo and it'll show with the capital A .... (well... it does for me when I log in as either Tecmo34 or tecmo34 :D )

  2. Just testing this theory. I've often wondered how I always end up in lower case.

  3. Hmm - seems to work. Thanks Tecmo.

  4. WOrks. :)


  5. And next time I came in here, it's reverted to lower case. I logged out and back in again with sentence case but it remains in lower. How odd?

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