Changing the name in the "Registered to"

is there any website where I can find how to change the name in the "Registered to:" in the system properties in windows 2000 and windows ME? I heard there is also a website that teaches how to modify the start menu, can you give me that site too please? thanks...
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  1. Use Google to search articles for "WinME registry"
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    If you run "regedit" and do a search for your last name or for "registered to" you will find the key. Be sure to make a back up of the registry before you make any changes.

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  2. run regedit and navigate to the following:

    HKLM/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion , you will see the entry for the registered user. (in 98/me) im not near a 2k system right now so cant look, but will be around the same area as in the 9x/me reg.

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  3. Or get XTeq Setup

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