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I interrupted the installation of the java - old version..... Now as i needed java - the latest version, i tried installing it but couldn't due to some error - 1723, then i tried to use the Windows Installer Clean up Utility but again, i recvd. an error of code - 800A0046 , (Source - Microsoft VBScript runtime error.)
Now, i am finding a way to uninstall the previous java ... Plzzz Help..!!!!
Btw i hav Windows 7
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  1. Go to control panel/programs and features and right click on Java and remove it. then re-install the new version
  2. I can't do so...!! There's an error that i receive in the uninstallation process ...the same one ( error - 1723 ) due to some missing DLL file......
    plz tell me what's goin' on...?
  3. go into computer, goto program files and delete any folder labeled java, than go into program files x86 (if you have it) and do the same. the restart. then install and run a program called CCleaner: and run it (both the cleaner and the registry sections need to be run until it says nothing found) than restart again and retry the install
  4. i am unable to delete the java folder... it says that... this file is open in Java(TM) Update Shcheduler..... two files are left whom i can't delete ... plz suggest a new method....
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