Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS

Hey guys. I'm seriously considering getting this card but I have a few questions. Here are my system specs:

AMD X2 4200 Dual Core CPU (Manchester)
ASUS A8N32SLI Deluxe
PIXELVIEW GeForce 7800GT (x2)(Reference Speed)
OCZ 2GB DDR Platinum RAM (2-3-2-5)(4x512)(Dual Channel)
AKASA EVO 120 CPU Cooler
THERMALTAKE Tsunami Case (Black)
LOGITECH Media Elite Keyboard
SONY SDM-X95K LCD (1280x1024 Native Resolution)(60 Hertz Max Refresh)(8ms)
WESTERN DIGITAL 250GB SATA2 Hard Drive (WD2500JS)(8MB Cache)
CREATIVE X-fi Extreme Music Sound Card
KLIPSCH Promedia 4.1 Speaker System (v2-400 with CP-1 Control Pod)
HP DVD Writer (HP DVD740I)(DVD+R,-R 16X)(DVD+R DL 8x, -DL 4x)
MAXTOR 300GB Hard Drive (x2)(16MB Cache)(Both in USB2 Enclosure)
THERMALTAKE 500 Watt PSU (TR2 Series)(W0093RU)
AKASA AllinOne 5.25 Multifunction Panel
2x Thermaltake 120mm Case Fan, 1 80mm Side Panel Fan

The first thing I'd like to know is how much of a performance increase will I see if I get the GTS. I normally play at 1280x1024 resolution which is the MAX my monitor supports...if it gets to choppy I play at 1024x768. I always play with the highest settings and when possible I turn on FSAA and AF (I disable them if I take too much of a performance hit). Second, I'm sure I have to replace the PSU so I'm thinking of getting the 700 Watt OCZ GameXstream. Is this a good choice for my rig?

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Well let me say as a fellow Sony owner, haha Sony SDM HS94P god I love this monitor and soon to be dual Sony HS94P's :D anyways to answer your question to be honest I would not buy the card.

    I have a 7900GT and it works great but let me put it this way

    If money is no issue, buy the card you will see a increase in fps, you will beable to run maxed out and I am not sure on the powersupply but if moneys not an option then buy a new one.

    ok, the 2nd option, if money is tight, don't buy it, I personally would love to go out and buy an 8800GTS but I am going to wait, Nvidia is going to be a releasing a whole new world of Dx10 cards and 8800 series very soon and the 8800GTS will drop down in price and there will be a better selection of probably cheaper cards to

    if from what I heard there will be a 8200GTS or something so personal opinoin, give it a few more months to wait and for the time that you wait, have some fun and overclock your current card.
  2. Hey stud, use the VGA charts.


    The difference in performance between the 7800 GT SLI and the GTS is 63% in Prey at 1600x1200. In HL2 (same res) it's 42%. In Oblivion it's 67%.

    I'd say it's worth it. Keep in mind though the test system is a X6800...
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