Atheros based; works or not?

Hi all.

I've read the article about WEP cracking, which seems easier than stealing candy from a child. I wanted to give it a try, so I'd set-up a WEP-secured network and began. First I was insure if my cards would work. I've got 2 cards of my own, plus 2 I can use but aren't mine. My cards (a wl-100g and an x-micro pcmcia 11mbit) didn't worked. Those are respectively broadcom and realtek based, so not suprising.
The other two (cisco aironet -what was the number again- and an onboard intel wireless pro card) DID work.

So I went to the next step and began searching with Kismet. Mac addresses noted, checked with the test router, all OK. Next step; Airodump. Entered some commands and looked what happened. Nice, packets and even IV's are being captured. Damn slow... Solution: Void11 and Aireplay. Here is were the problem began. I got a big error with something like 'operation not supported' and 'bad file descriptor' in it.

I think this is because my cards aren't supported, both the intel and cisco say this and I don't think they are prism, atheros or orinoco based.
So I searched the internet for such cards and found the following one:

First question is, does this card works the whole process? Is it fully supported in all programs?

Second, I found another guide:

In the guide from, a requirement for hacking a lan is, that there must be a pc (target pc) connected to the target network. In the above guide, this isn't mentioned. Because of this, void11 gets unused and the whole thing is much easier and faster.
Now, is it however required that a pc is connected or isn't it necessary anymore?

Excuses for my not so good English,
Toxic Influx
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  1. Mmm... the link isn't working.

    Product: SMC
    Model: SMCWCBT-G
    The EZ Connect g 802.11g 108Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter (SMCWCBT-G) enables you to connect to 802.11g or 802.11b wireless networks at home, at the office or at public hotspots. The SMCWCBT-G provides the speed, coverage, and security expected by today's wireless users when they communicate, download or upload large files, stream audio, video or use other bandwidth-intensive applications. The SMCWCBT-G is based on an advanced Atheros Super G chipset that is compliant with the IEEE 802.11g standard and certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This 108Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter when used in its turbo mode with a compatible 108Mbps router or access point, is 15 times faster than older 802.11b wireless networking devices and yet is 100% backwards compatible with them. The SMCWCBT-G significantly increases the performance of mixed-mode (802.11b and 802.11g) networks and in 802.11g-only networks - provides up to 3x more throughputs and up to 50% throughput.
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