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Software for Changing Partition Sizes on Win 7 and Win Server 2008

I have run in to a problem recently on some of our machines. We have a few machines running windows 7, as well as a server running Windows Server 2008 R2. Originally the partition sizes for the OS were quite small but i realize now that the newer OS are quite a bit larger than the old ones. Is there any software out there that would allow me to adjust the sizes of the partitions without reformatting or losing any information? I tried using the built in shrink and extend tools in the disk manager, but I am unable to extend the OS partition. If anyone knows of some software that can do this and is compatible with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 that would be wonderful. If you know of any that is free to download that would be even better. Thanks for the help.
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    Try this program and it is free.
  2. Thank you for the swift reply. I will look in to that. Also, i was able to get my hands on a copy of Acronis Disk Director 10. Does anyone know if it is compatible with Win 7 and Server 2008 R2 or if i need to upgrade to Acronis Disk Director 11? Thanks
  3. There's a lot partition managers that help resize partitions and you can download from cnet
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