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Ok, well, this has probably been covered before, but recently I've been thinking about building a nice HTPC and can't seem to find a case that fits my needs and/or budget. Newegg's selection seems rather underwhelming, although I might have missed something. Can anyone recommend a good one based on their experience with it? I like the Thermaltake 7001 series, but 200 seems awfully steep for just a case. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Need more info.

    1. Dimension limitation?
    2. Full ATX or micro ATX motherboard?
    3. How many external bays?
    4. How man internal bays?

    My current HTPC is built around the Antec Aria which is an older version of the Antec NSK1300:

    I bought it because the size fits my needs. This m-ATX case allows for 3 internal drives and one DVD drive. It also comes with a 120mm fan. The small size does have some draw backs like cramp interior and a non standard PSU. There's no floppy drive, but that didn't concern me.

    For my next HTPC I'm am again looking at m-ATX case. This time I want a case that is compatible with a full ATX size power supply. As long as it can support 4 drives it should be fine. A floppy drive is unimportant. Front ports are necessary.

    I'm not build a replacement HTPC for at least another 9 months, but I am considering the following cases:

    Thermaltake VF1000BNS Black Aluminum

    SILVERSTONE SST-SG01-B Black Aluminum

    The downsize to those two cases are the fans. They come with 60mm / 80mm fans which in general aren't known for being quiet. Therefore I'll probably set as side about $30 - $40 for premium 60mm / 80mm fans that are known to be quiet, if it is necessary.

    The Silverstone SST's case is 1.5mm thick which should help muffle some of the noise coming from the PC.

    However, I have been considering a full ATX style case that is not too large such as the LIAN LI PC-V800B Black Aluminum ATX. However, some complain that a full size 12" x 9.6" ATX motherboard makes it difficult to install all the components. Based on user reviews the 60mm and 80mm fans are loud, so it would be necessary to spend extra $$$ to replace them. But it has front ports and the dimensions seems to be satisfactory.
  2. Read this:

    I recommend the ultra microfly.
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