Waturbo or Zalman CNPS9700

The Waturbo sounds pretty nice but I can't find any decent review about this cooler. Do anyone have tried this cooler?

I can't decide between this one, the original and very promising Sunon Waturbo ($75) and the Zalman CNPS9700 LED ($67) which has a lot of good reviews.

Or maybe a Scythe Infinity because it's cheaper ($37).
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  1. I'll reply my own post :)

    Waturbo was too expensive so I bought the Infinity and I'm quite happy with it. It's about 20 C cooler than before with the AMD Stock cooler.

    on load with vCore at 1.58v (my CPU can't reach 2.4Ghz with less voltage)

    AMD Stock cooler : 58 C
    Scythe Infinity : 38 C

    Gained 20C with less than $40.
    I recommend it.

    Athlon 64x2 3800+ @2.4Ghz | DDR400 1Gb Hynix | Abit AN8 Ultra | Antec p180 1.1
  2. If me, i will going to zalman CNPS9700. Obviously, i am Zalman CNPS9500 version now. i barely can hear any sound even at midnite. And the performance was great too.
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