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Windows 98 registry and other problems!

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August 20, 2001 2:11:21 AM

I apologize in advance because this will be a lengthy question. This has been driving me insane.

Soyo 71WM/L v1.0 with 466mhz Celeron
64MB Generic PC100
4GB Seagate from old IBM PC330 master on IDE1
44x CD-ROM master on IDE2
Linksys LNE100TX NIC
Integrated Audio
Audio, COM 1/2, LPT1, USB are disabled.
DMA is enabled on all drives.

Win98 4.10.2222 from OEM disk.

I can install the OS okay, but it gives me a number of errors, especially whenever I try to install ANYTHING. It always says that the ".EXE is corrupted, try another file." Problem is, it happens on ALL EXEs, even ones I've tested on my other computers. I get illegal operations whenever I try to run Windows Update, install Directx 7.0a and 8, the Soyo VGA drivers even though it let's me install everything else the motherboard needs. The CONFIG.SYS file is also incomplete; I have to repair it myself.

Thoe most worrisome error I get is the registry being corrupted! The rare ocassion when I DO install a program, it fails when I try to run it and gives me a "corrupt registry" problem. It backs it up, and all my work has disappeared off the face of Windows. I can't fix anything because Windows keeps restoring itself to its original setup, which has an inherent problem! I've tried two different 98 disks, one 95 disk, and even NT server. ALL fail. NT Server won't even load; it fails on install. I've even tried to different CD drives.

I think it's a hardware problem, but I don't know where to start. You think it's a HDD problem? This is the same HDD that wouldn't load the OS on the old IBM PC; that's why I bought the SOYO and Celeron. But whenever I put it on a computer at work, it loaded NT Server fine. I could even update it and install software. What is it!?

I hope you can help. I don't mind buying more parts, but I'd like to buy the right one.

Thank you,

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August 20, 2001 2:42:27 AM

It could be the HDD. You can download a program from the IBM site (assuming it's an IBM HDD?), which will help you check out your HDD.

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Saw that it was a Seagate. Go here:
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

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