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I’m running a small business, actually computer training center, in sri lanka. I got a sever with 10 PCs. The server is running on windows 2003 server. And network got some security to keep out snooping students away. A DNS Server with active directory.
And recently I got an ADSL line. I got a ADSL modem with Router(not a wireless one).
And I need to share inter net in my LAN without a proxy server.
HOW CAN I DO IT?, and remember I need to keep my security settings.
If any one knows plz instruct me step by step. Or give me a location (link) or a book I can learn about it.

Please do not push one or two instructions now and then, coz I read lot on other forums and adsl sharing methods, but none of them tell how to do it, just the ways how adsl can be shared.

And if cannot do thins, plz give me a name of a good proxy server with http and FTP supports, as far as I know MS-Proxy, AnalogX proxy cannot handle FTP and large downloads. And IIS gives headaches over time.
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  1. If the ADSL service came with a router the one main thing to decide is which will do DHCP. I'd recommend that the Server2003 machine do DHCP. Therefor disable it on that router. Make sure the router has a local IP on your subnet (eg if you are using 192.168.0.x make sure it has a 192.168.0.x address). Then change the DHCP settings on the server to give out that routers IP as the gateway and you should be all set (assuming the router was already configured for the ADSL service).

    Not having a proxy makes things a whole lot easier :)
  2. Since you're running active directory, you're also going to need to make sure that DNS is being handled by your server. Otherwise, the clients aren't going to be able to locate objects in active directory. On your DNS server, put some forwarders in (the DNS servers of your ISP are a good choice). This way, the clients can use your server for DNS to resolve Internet hostnames.

    I'm a bit confused though, because you said your DSL already has a router. So, really all you'd need to do to get online is plug PCs into it. Is this not working?
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