How do I check my SATA HD Temp?

I can only see my IDE HD with PC Wizard, but for my SATA HD I cannot see the temp.

Also my SATA HD is making a weird sound, it is as if is spinning faster than usual, like the speed goes up and down making a buzzing sound, like some kind of vibration inside the case.
And this is usually with no programs running on idle.
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  1. You could try speedfan, this read my SATA drives ok.
  2. I downloaded that program and no go, I also tried installing the Western Digital Diagnostic tools, and when I try to run either program, my pc will just restart.
  3. Speedfan 4.29 is reading my HDs right now, both SATA II units.
  4. Leave the PC running for at least 2 hours. Open the case. Put your hand on the top (or side) of the drive. If it feels hot then it is TOO HOT. If it feels warmer than blood temperature that would be bad.

    Heat is the biggest killer of HDDs, and I attribute at least 75% of HDD failures to insufficient cooling.
  5. the HD feels really hot, did I get a defective drive?
  6. Is it a Maxtor? They tend to get very hot. You need a fan blowing on it.
  7. Its Western Digitial.

    I use to have it on the HD Cage of my Antec Lanboy, but I moved it here like a week ago:

    and since about yesterday or 2 days ago I starting noticing that it made those sounds. Like it started spinning very fast.

    I wanna know its temp for sure, but both Programs I tried to use, wont work, they just make my PC restart, everytimg I try to use them.
  8. The noise you describe does sound heat related. I would move it back in front of the intake fan and note if the problem goes away.

    Also, hopefully you already have backups of your data on that drive. Anytime a HDD starts making a loud grinding/buzzing/whirring noise, it's time to backup.

    BTW, you said this is a Western Digital drive. Is it a Raptor? If it is, you definitely need a fan blowing on it.
  9. here is the link to the HD, I bought it at COMPUSA about 2 weeks ago.

    The problem is I already have 2 EIDE HD on the Drive cage, and it wont fit more. I might be able to fit it on the space the Floppy went, but I would only be able to hook it up with 2 screws instead of 4.
  10. Ok, Im thinking about this.

    Before I used to have it the power pluged in witht eh 4 pin legacy connector.

    When I put it on that bay, the drive holder blocks the 4 pin legacy input, so I had to buy a cable to convert the power cable from the PSU to a Sata Power Cable, and have it hooked up on the Power Sata cable port.

    could this be an issue of it heating up?
  11. I installed Everest to check the Temp, and the SATA wont even show up in the list.

  12. put your hand on an 80 and a hand on the 300. is there a drastic difference in temperature?
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