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Well here's the deal, I have a wired router that is also a dsl modem, and until recently that modem was used to share the internet between my 3 computers, but recently i bought a notebook and a psp and i needed a wireless router too, so i bought the WRT54G LinkSys... And here's how i want to share the connections: The wired router in my office will connect to two pc's there, then a network cable will come out of one of it's ports and connect the internet port on my linksys wireless, the wireless router then will share the internet in my room pc and my second room pc, and also share the internet wirelessly in my notebook and psp...
Well this is a very good thing, and it has a good theory but my problem is that this does not work very well... How do I configure the two routers? Also i want to acess shared folders in the pcs that are connected to the wired router but this does not work, and neither does emule work, cause i can't configure my ip ports, etc... Please help i really need to put all these things to work fast!
Thanks for your time in advance!

João de Sousa
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  1. Disable DHCP on the linksys, make sure its local IP is different from your other router, and plug the cable into the switch part of it instead of the wan (internet) port. That will negate the router functions of the linksys and just make it a switch and accesspoint. Then all of your computers will be on the same network and see eachother just fine.
  2. Thanks, i did that and it works, :D , the only thing i did not do was to disable dhcp, for some reason it didn't worked very well with dhcp deactivated...
  3. You really do need to disable the DHCP on the wireless router. Otherwise, you'll have two DHCP servers running on the LAN and could get IP conflicts. If you can stil return the wireless router, do so and get an access point instead. There's virtually no difference between the two except for the software on them and that the router has a built in switch. An access point is what you need, and turning off DHCP on the router and only using it's LAN ports is effectively turning it into an AP.
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