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Ok, so i bought a water cooling system and i hooked it all up according to instructions, but theres one part i am confused at. It says pour in the coolant that comes in teh package and then fill in distilled water until the meter reaches full. Now, when i bought this i also bought about a liter of this Koolance coolant liquid. Should I use that instead of the distilled water?
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  1. Do you have a part number for the Koolance coolant? Usually the ratio of coolant to distilled water determines how much water you need to add to the system. What watercooling kit did you get anyways?
  2. What kit do you have? If it is a boxed kit with some concentrated fluid to mix with distilled, don't mix it with the pre bottle Koolance stuff. The Koolance liquid is already a mix of (probably) distilled water and a sort of concentrate and you dont want to further decrease the performance by adding a higher concentrate of liquid that has less heat carrying capacity than water.
  3. Hey Tool. Looks like we have the same kit with the exception of the Apogee VS Storm block, and I have the VC cooler as well. Those are some pretty darn good temps.
  4. I would have liked to go for a Storm, but picked up my Apogee with 4 different tops (UV Blue, UV Green, Clear, Polished Steel) which I use the steel, for $34 and the Storm was not on sale for $75. My temps are usually even better now that my roommate is gone for the month and I can keep my windows open how I like it :) I currently am building a case (done friday for sure) that will most likely drop my temps a few degrees too. My kit is a little overpowered for my single block loop, but I will probably get a 8800 (or the current top of the line) in a year or so and will have an upgraded CPU and put a block on my high end video card.
  5. All I have right now is coolant, is it ok if I mix them? I wont really be able to get some distilled water until about 2 or 3 days.
  6. And for what im using:

    Coolant: Koolance LIQ-700BU-B
    Water Cooling system: the Titan TWC-A05 Biancia Economic Water Cooler
  7. As I said before, since you are using the Koolance coolant, do NOT mix the red stuff included with the Bianca with the Koolance coolant. ONLY if you are using distilled water should you mix your red stuff in the ratio described in the manual.
  8. Alright, turns out I did have some distilled water for some reason. Anyway I filled it up, and hit power and stood back and watched.... well the pump isnt working, at least i dont think. The water isnt being pumped through the tubes. I checked all connections and they are just fine... I have no idea whats wrong. Any ideas?
  9. You have a molex connector from your PSU connected directly to the molex plug on the Bianca? Make sure water is filling the reservoir and the pump has water to suck, this is called priming the pump. Water pumps are not made to pump air and can be damaged if made to do so for more than a few seconds.
  10. dammit i dont know what the hells wrong with it... yeah everythings connected and there water resavoire is full. I am afraid to disconect it because theres now water in the tubes and i dont want to get my computer wet... omg....im pissed....
  11. What PSU do you have and what are your system specs? If your PC is powering on and the pump on the Bianca is dead, you need to replace the water block with a heatsink until you can figure out exactly what is going wrong so you don't fry your CPU.
  12. Oh, yeah i didnt even take off my heatsink yet, right now the water block is just sitting inside it not attached to anything. I have a 500watt power supply, and heres the full specs of it:

    CPU- AMD Opteron 175
    RAM- 1.5GB DDR2 266mhz
    GPU- nVidia GeForce 7300 LE
    Mobo- A-Bit KN8 SLI
    HD1- 160GB 1.5GB/s WD SATA
    HD2- 280GB 3.0GB/s WD SATA
    CD Drive- 24x DVD/CD Drive
    PSU- 500watt power supply ( i forget what brand, but it was $100)

    And thank you very much for your help
  13. Ok, well done not trying to power up right away and leaving the heatsink on.

    Give this a try:

    Connect only the power to the motherboard, power to your boot HDD and remove any memory you can. Also remove your video card. Try a couple molex connectors on the Bianca, and try it without using the included expansion slot adapter. Are there any LED's on the main unit of the water cooler? If so, do they light up or is there any sign of life when powered on? Triple check your connections, I have heard of "dead" pumps before but never have I heard of a pump that doesn't at least click or hum when it is pronounced "dead" on arrival.
  14. well the computer works fine, im actually running on it right now. and yeah i skipped the pci braket already and plugged the 5v directly from the PSU to the pump/reservoir. And when i power up, there is no signal of life what so ever at the pump/reservoir.
  15. Does the fan spin or the fan speed dial light up? If not, something is wrong within the power connection. Have you tried more than one molex connector?
  16. thank you very much. i already tried 2 of them, and i figured id try a third after i read your post, and it worked! its workin fine now. but there is air bubbles in the tubes, I am guessing that is not good because that means the pump will hit an air bubble evry once in a while. How do i rid of those?
  17. Good, very happy for you! Glad we didn't jump right into the "RMA it" routine. If there is a cap on the reservoir, just leave it off for a bit while your system is running and the bubbles will go away. I find that giving the tubing a few light taps or wiggles helps to dislodge them. Make sure to leak test for a few hours at least to make sure you aren't going to damage any system components.

    When you finally get to install the water block, check to see that your tubing is not getting twisted too much, this can put torque on the fittings and can sometimes loosen them in time and slowly cause a leak.
  18. k, thanks a lot for your help, i very much appreciate it!
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