Need some help choosing a Pro card

After doing a LOT of searching, I think I have decided to buy a Pro card for a system I am building for a friend. She does a lot of work in 3d StudioMax, Maya, CS2 and other applications like that. She wants to do gaming as well, but the use of these applications are most important to her.

I will probably put together a system with a Core 2 Duo CPU for her but Graphics is my snag right now.

Price is always an issue with a build and this is new from scratch. She wants a system that will last her several years and be able to handle future versions of the software she uses.

So... Would a Quadro FX560 128mb card suffice (around $270 on newegg) Or is it worth spending twice as much on a FX1500? I'm sure a FX4500 would be great, but she wants to spend $2500 max on a brand new build including a new monitor.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Quadros a good choice for that mix, the 560 is probably the best bang for the buck. You won't see all that much of a performance jump with the 1500, believe it or not.
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