What killed what - PSU > Mobo > CPU?

Not sure what category to put this in but I'm trying to find out what killed my components. To start the story, I messed up and "crunched" my X2 4400 into the mobo socket. I know - dumb thing to do! Then I tried to straighten all the bent pins but 2 ended up snapping off (I didn't know they had snapped off at the time). When I put the processor back into the socket, it wouldn't post. Put the old 3400 back in and it wouldn't post either. Inspected the 4400 and saw that 2 if the inner pins were broken off.

First took the 3400 down to a local shop and they coundn't get it to work. Then took my mobo and PSU down to the shop and they coulndn't get the mobo to post using their PSU, video card, memory, and CPU. They also told me that my power supply was bad (Antec True 380 w/ a single 24A rail).

The obvious root cause was my hamhanded handling of the new processor but that doesn't necessarily explain the mobo, old processor, and PSU failures.

The reason I took the 4400 out was to replace the swiftech cooler with the OEM cooler. My temps were running around 44 at idle and up to 59C after running for any length of time (video encoding and using FSX). My understanding is that those temps are a little high for a 4400. Power draw reported by my APC was about 220 watts which sounds about right.

Obviously, I screwed up with the processor re-installation but wondering if there were other factors that were leading up to the mobo and other CPU failures.

Any ideas or should I just leave it alone?
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  1. I won't be helpful, but I had a swiftech hsf that I pulled out ALONG with the cpu. Luckily the cpu didn't have any bent pins. I'd suggest next time you stress the pc (prime95) for an hour so the thermal compound will come off easier.
  2. Was trying to get a good idea of why it killed the second processor. I thought maybe the bad mobo would also have killed the processor that the shop used. Guess it's one of those "pregnant cheerleader and the football team" things where there are just too many to blame and it doesn't matter once the deed is done :wink: !

    I'll just leave it alone and put this into the "lessons learned from dumb things" file.
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