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I had a question about hard drives. If i used two 80gb hdd in raid would that be close or as good as a single raptor? please help me im lost
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  1. 150GB Raptor

    easier to setup than raid, more reliable, better hardware than any standard sata drive.

    perhaps if it were much newer sataII drives, but even then the difference would be too close.
  2. I work with Raptors at work and yes the warrenty is sweet (5years). The performance is great, however. . . The 150GB one will cost you the same as 2 larger SATA drives. Maybe you can pick a raptor up for about 220, but you can get 2 x 320GB SATA with 16MB Cache for less than that price. Performance should be somewhat comparable with RAID 0 and your getting 600+ GB instead on 120 something after the thing is formated and winblows is on it. If you have built in SATA RAID on the motherboard, there are a TON of articles on how to setup and install an OS on it. Thank you Google.
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