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Will the difference in 2MB of cache make that much of a difference in performance. I am in between getting the e6600 and e6400. If it doesnt make that much of a different I'll save the $100 and go with the e6400. I already ordered the Evga nForce 680i motherboard and plan on overclocking, and dont feel like waiting for the price drop unless it's happening next week.
So is the 2MB worth the $100?
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  1. Since your already spending so much on your 680i motherboard may as well get a Good Multiplier and a better rated chip with 4Mb cache. I'm not Sure but i think Some prices may flux this month.
  2. Yea, I have been looking at both on NewEgg and both prices have gone up somewhat. I dont mind the rise in $10 or whatever.
  3. I've also been thingking about the multiplier. I want to get to at least 3.6Ghz, w/ x9 I will only need to put the FSB to 400 and w/ x8 - 450 , will the extra 50Mhz make the chip less stable in the long run? I have a big typhoon vx.
  4. You would be reaching "Point of instability" and you'd have pushed that CPU and Board a bit More with a Lower Multiplier, than with a higher multiplier, so your 6600 would be running Cooler and Under less stress when over clocked to 400 Vs 450< but That's the point of Overclocking, To get the most out of the least. So if you are an over clocker then its your call.
  5. True. I've overclocked a bunch of video cards but whan you are talking about the heart of your system, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Does the chip become unstable just because it excedes a certain temperature or is it something else within the design
  6. Quote:
    In the long term, running the CPU at a temperature that is too high may reduce the CPU life, since an overheated CPU is more prone to electro migration - even if it runs stable.

    Running too hot sometimes causes the CPU Core to actually Degrade in Overall Quality, letting Errors in processing and The things in the Quotes above to happen, it's better to just have the Coolest and most Effective over clock to give your CPU a long and Healthy Life.
  7. Yea I don't plan on keeping it at that point. This stuff is pretty interesting to me since I'm going to college for electrical engineering.
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