What components can my Shuttle handle? Processor/video card?

I have a socket 478 Shuttle SB61G2, which has a stinkin 250 watt psu.

I'd like to throw in a 3.4 northwood and a radeon x1950 pro, but 250 watts ain't gonna cut it.

So, my question is, whats the fastest possible processor/video card combo this thing will be able to handle?
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  1. i think the Shuttles are very modestly rated, those numbers might represent sustained wattage rather than peak wattage. a dual core and a 1900 "might work." I'll let sum1 with experience give you a better answer.
  2. Any other ideas? I don't think a dual core processor was made for socket 478... Right now I'm looking at a 3.0 ghz northwood. I figure that I need the 800 mhz fsb and that the cpu speed doesn't have to be the highest out there.

    Anyone know anything about this cpu: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819116175
    Its a prescott, I've heard that they run a little hotter or something.

    Anyone know where I can get some northwoods something or others, besides eGay?
  3. What about if I just used this with my existing Geforce 4600. What processor should I get. I'm thinking maybe I'll hold off on the psu till I can afford a 7800 gs or a x1850 pro whatever.
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