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I recently purchased the Windows 8 Pro software and installed it on my MacBook Pro using Parallel 8. I had never previously installed any windows on my computer, this was the first program installed after installing Parallel 8. The salesman at the store told me I WOULD NOT need a previous version of Windows to install Windows 8, but after trying to install it, I do! I took the program back and bought Windows 7 Home Premium, but I am unable to install it. Currently I have Windows 8 but it's not activated so I can't use all the features and it will only last for 30 days without the activation. I don't know how to uninstall it and reinstall Windows 7! Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is quite frustrating!
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  1. I would think you would have to use the Parallels desktop version 8 software to uninstall. Maybe look to see if you can just create a new virtual machine with the windows 7 disk and delete the windows 8 virtual machine.
    (I have not used Parallels software so I am not much help)

    maybe look to their support site for help
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