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XP and Win2K/Wired and Wireless - Unable to establish share.

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July 5, 2006 5:31:25 PM

I have Windows 2000 on PC1 connected to a wired router downstairs. I have Windows XP on PC2 connected to the wireless router upstairs that is connected via the uplink port of the wired router downstairs. Both work well for internet access and printing to a network printer but I cannot get either PC to see the other on the network. Is this arrrangement acceptable for file and drive sharing or is configuration too difficult across two different platforms? If so where do I start?
Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

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July 5, 2006 11:57:50 PM

For simplicity, everything should be on one network without a router routing between the two. So you should avoid using the WAN port on the 2nd router if you are. It should work with a normal port to normal port connection, with DHCP, etc., disabled on the 2nd router (making it basically a dumb switch and perhaps a wireless access point if you need one).

There should be no problem networking W2K and XP, though you might have to turn off simple file sharing to work with W2K.
July 6, 2006 1:32:56 AM

Yes, that was the original plan to just install the wireless by attaching it to a standard port from the wired router. Things got crossed when I thought it best to get the WRT54G working first and then found that both had the same IP addresses. Should I reconfigure it as you suggest, will I need to change the wireless router back to the same IP as the wired. As you can tell I am a neophyte at this and again, thanks for your input!
July 6, 2006 1:36:31 AM

No, every device should definitely have a different IP, and you'll have to manually change one of routers if they're both taking the same IP.