which x1300 x1600 can show the temperature & overdrive ?

x1300 pro
x1300 xt
x1600 pro
x1600 xt

I knew only 2 models but they are expensive for me.

Gigabyte x1600XT silent pipe
Sapphire X1650XT

I don't play a game. I use only vista and fishtank screensaver. Encoding and watch the movies.

I like the temperature monitor and overdrive features.
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  1. My X1600PRO shows these features. I would think that all 1600PRO's would do such.

    X1600?? Never heard of that card...
  2. I dunno why temp monitoring would be required on the 1300 and 1600 cards (except maybe the pro and xt) - they shouldn't run as hot as the 1800 and 1900's.

    Why do you want a sensor?
  3. It's pretty to monitor temperature for safety. I love to see it often.
    My PC is beside my bed. I keep it silent.
    And overdrive can automatic reduce the bus speed when get hot.
    Many ATI card can't monitor the fan speed too.

    nVidia has on-die sensor in all chips, very exellent.
    I need avivo from ATI otherwise I will buy a nVidia card.

    Many ATI cards can't monitor temp. until X1650XT.
  4. ATI Tool monitors x1xxx series cards.


    Check for specific compatiblity. 8)
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