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Hi all again,
I am totally confused on air cooling. I was looking at the Zalman 9700, looked at some cooler shootouts comparing a lot of different coolers. The Zalman suposedly beat the Tuniq Tower and the rest...I cannot remember where I saw the test but it tested something like 10 or so coolers. But looking through posts today it seems that EVERYONE says the Tuniq Tower is better. So whats the deal with the coolers?

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  1. From what I gather the tuniq is better at bringing lower temps but not by much over the zalman. Keep this in mind: The zalman is smaller and made of all copper, plus it has been around a while and is quite popular. The tuniq on the other hand just looks freaking cool but is huge so make sure you have room. Ok. Writing this i made up my mind, go for the tuniq.
  2. When you get into that size and price range.........meh, they're all pretty similar. Some people will argue nuances, 1 degree C in temps, but meh. 1C won't make or break your temps, and if it does, then you've got bigger problems than which HSF to get.

    All those will cool well, and all of them will do a great job. Just depends if you are really really anal about it, how much you wanna spend, noise, and the look. Some look better than others in a case if you have a window. But again, at that price range and size, they're all pretty darn good. It's like arguing about a few horsepower difference between Ferarri and Lamborghini, it's really pointless when you step back from it all.

    Just get one that's available, quiet and reasonably priced, and it'll keep your CPU cool no problem.
  3. which zalman is better, the 9700 with copper or the 9700 with aluminium and copper.
  4. Copper is a better heat conductor than aluminum, end of story. However, side by side, the real world results may not differ by more than a degree or two......hard to say unless someone has actually compared the two.
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