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Hey there fellow tomshardware forum users!

I'm currently in a dilema... A couple of weeks back I made an error that forced me to take in my hands an ASrocK motherboard. More specificaly an AM2NF6G-VSTA. It's an "ok" board I guess... most of the stuff on it is onboard but it is rather stable and since I'm not a huge fan of overclocking, would probably be a good start for a cheap gaming rig. Basicly what I had in mind was to take my old Sound blaster live! from my previous computer, buy 1 gig of ram a 4200 dual core Athlon and run it on the onboard video for a little while. Then later buy another gig of ram, run it in dual channel and buy either a 7900GS GC or anything descent that will be available down the line... Would that be wise for a gaming rig? Or should I wait to have enough money to get myself a descent Core2Duo with a good and sturdy Asus MOBO... any comments on this will be appreciated, I thank you all in advance.
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  1. It can go both ways, it's more opinoin, the 4200+ is a good cpu but I just upgraded from my ancient P4 3.0 to an E6400 Core 2 Duo and this new pc is a dream machine I love it, it's fast and with my 7900GT I am maxed out on every game I play still getting 50 - 70fps or more.

    It's more up to you but yeah my friend has a 4200 and it's a nice cpu, both cpu's would be a good choice, wait and see if you get some extra pocket cash down the line somewhere and see what happens
  2. It's up to you if you want to upgrade incrementally or do a major one.

    I agree. I was hooked on the old driving games I tried out recently on my new c2d rig. No stuttering (seems to be an NF chipset + GF video issue) except 2 pretictable ones before a huge crash or when turning into a corner of a pool of water in Xpand Rally which used to stutter every few seconds to the end in every race on my old s939 NF4 rig. Same 7900gt. 2 gigs. Same xp. Heck, I left my antivirus on while gaming this time. Speaking of which, I'm gonna play the hell out of it.
  3. Well now, after much deliberation I've decided to keep my Athlon 2600xp for now, get myself a 7600GS GC with a better power supply and a gaming mouse. Wait till I get enough money and get myself the computer of my dreams in about 1 year. Thanks to everyone... huh.... both you guys for your thoughs on the subject :)
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