8800GTS + Vsync/Profiles Quick Question

Just bought an 8800GTS and install latest drivers.

Long story short i cannot turn off vsync or find the profiles section, in fact i cant find anything from the "GOOD OLD" nvidia menu and i cant stand this one.

The help file says this:

To set default 3D settings

Click the View menu and then select Advanced.

From the NVIDIA Control Panel Categories menu, select 3D Settings and then select Manage 3D settings.

This is where i get stuck, only catagories are "Display" and "Video & Television", looked thru ALL the options both classic and new and i cant find anything to do with em, extremely frustrating please help.

Thanks in advance

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  1. download ntune off nvidia site. i just got my evga 8800 gts today. i am so happy.
  2. hi mpilchfamily

    I tried reverting back to classic view and there is nothing at the bottom at the bottom of the menu on the left.
    Just a "pin"??

    Also, I understand that the 8800gts fan is set to run at 50% speed.
    and that there is a way to set this higher, how do you do that?
  3. yep exactly the same.....

    NO WHERE can i find vsync or any of the old settings, really bugging me now.
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