3000+ @ 2.25, Am I doing this right?

I posted this same thread at DFI-Street, hoping to get as many responses as I can.

I have a Venice 3000+ S939. Trying to get some extra juice out of it since I'm going to upgrade it in a few months and I know I won't sell it for anywhere near as much as I paid for it.

I have the multiplier at 9x (Can't go above 9x)
CPU bus at 250
Memory ratio at 3:4 I think or 5:6.

Didn't mess with the CAS Latency, it's still at 2.5.

These are some screenshots of my CPU-Z so you can tell me what you think, and maybe how much more power I can get out of it. Prime 95 stable overnight.

How can I get more power without busting 1000mhz HTT or overclocking the RAM too much?

Btw, 35-38C idle and 44-45C under load on stock cooling.

And the memory shot

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  1. After HTT 250 you have reached, motherboards usually bet more stable if you dtop the HTT multiplier to 3X (currently you have it ti 4X). The 3000+ is a beast and yours will probably reach 2.6-2.7 GHz on stock cooling.
    I had a 3000+ until last week but the board only allowed me up to HTT 222.
  2. Quote:
    How can I get more power without busting 1000mhz HTT or overclocking the RAM too much?

    Use your memory dividers & reduce the HT frequency. Tisn't hard.

    That's close to my old Winchester's maximum of 9*260. I'm not, however, naive enough to say you'll reach a certain speed. Some are binned for a reason, don't you know.
  3. Personally, I don't know if I'd push it much further. You're already at 45c on full load on stock cooling... you might be able to get another 100-200MHz out of it with not-as-great temperatures. The only thing I would suggest to do is drop the HT multiplier to 3, and push the bus speed until it crashes (Don't sacrifice RAM timings or dividers for higher frequency, though).
  4. ...There are few other things to check to get a good result. Your idle and load temps make me think about these two possible causes:
    -The HSF is not installed properly (reapply thermal paste, check the mounting etc).
    -Your case does not have proper ventilation;
    1-if you don't have even one case fan mounted, it's time to attach one, maybe a modest 80mm (It dropped my load temps by ~8°C when I installed it for my 3000+)
    2-If your case provides mountong points, attach an absorption tube for the CPU fan, so it will take cool air from the outside instead of getting the warmed up one from inside the case.

    I used to clock my 3000+ @ 2.0G and in a 25°C room it would reach a load temp of only 37°. Check the points above and you'll probably see a load 45°C again only at ~2.6GHz .
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