Merits of GA 945P S3 vs. GA-965P-S3

I'm debating whether to go for the GA 945P S3 or GA-965P-S3. I'm planning to use an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 processor, which won't be overclocked, with this motherboard.

As far as I can see the more expensive 965 offers 2 extra SATA sockets, RAID, and supports 800 MHz DDR2, which the 945 doesn't. The 965 also has 2 extra USB sockets. Are there any other obvious advantages to the 965 versus the 945?

Also, is there any advantage in getting the GA-965P-DS3 over the GA-965P-S3? The main difference seems to be solid capacitors which are more durable.
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  1. i recomend s3.solid capacitor is the only diference between ds3 and s3.why do you think to 945 anyway?965 is muchhhhhh better.atention only when you buy cpu cooler to fit on your mobo and case if you plan o.c.
    i hase s3 mobo 2x1gb ddr667 c2c 6600 and with fsb 1:1 333 i have 2997mhz instead of 2400 mhz stock,and this without to change any voltage to the cpu or ram.More oc i don't test.
  2. Go for the 965P S3. I built a new system with it on the weekend before christmas. Happy with it. The details of it are in my signature. Alot of the early problems with the gigabyte 965 boards have been solved with more recent bios. Detected everything fine and set up really easy. Only problem has been with the intel ICH8 sata ports (when hard drives in these ports it lags, not sure if this is a bad motherboard or not.)
  3. The biggest difference between the two motherboards is that the 965P supports quad-core CPUs and the 945P doesn't.
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