Dell ultra sharp lcd's 30' or 24' which to get? or...

I have a 20 inch crt atm... and can't decide keep thinking about just gettin the 24 but that doesnt seem alot bigger... so thinking about the 30' or is that lil much for gaming? the 24 is half the price only 674$ atm compared to the 30' being 1274$. I was reading the stats and is it just me or does the 30' haver better specs? lil odd...

or suggest a diff lcd if you know a better quality one... decent size 8)~
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  1. got some replies on another board.. guess 30 would be too big... prolly will go with the 24 unless someone knows a better quality lcd.
  2. I got a 24" BenQ Widescreen recently. I was upgrading from a 19" LCD. I use my computer at a 'standard' sized desk (2.5+ feet deep). My first impressions of the 24" were that it was HUGE. I know diagonally it is 'only' 5 inches but the thing really is big (bordering on a tad obscene). I too had at one time considered getting a 30" widescreen monitor. Now I am extremely glad that I did not go any larger than the 24". Plus the larger the screen the more you'll need to spend on hardware to keep it 'fed'.
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