For the love of god.... HELP!!!!

I am really not sure how much more I can take of this....

I am at a crossroads..... I like to help people..... but I hate idiots, and thus... this site brings me into conflict!!! :pt1cable:

So I am 100% OK with people who know nothing about computers.. or people where English is not their number one language,.... but I do expect them to make an effort!!
So if I see 1 more "my comp" question (or the like), or even worse - the same inane question posted 3 times in quick successon, I am liable to say something that gets me banned forever!!!

So cant the moderators have a button to squash such posts? e-mail goes to the submitter... "crap question"/"insufficient info"? etc... or even a rank... noobs to forum can only ask lvl 1 questions and only earn right to ask higher level questions... so poor people like me (who are old and bad tempered) can say "I only want to see questions of rank X"?

Obviously... more bans from Mods... means it takes a LOT longer to qualify for higher rank questions.

Come on... spare me this torture and turn this into a quality forum :)

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  1. I think it would be easier and wll ease your pain more if you stop reading posts here than to change human nature, which is what causes a lot of what dislike. I understand and daily see examples of all your points but how can new posters expect to come up to the standards of regulars.

    Also, remember that we can't judge everyone to be an idiot. I like to think I know what I'm doing in the areas in which I post but would be a complete idiot in, say, a scientific forum an dpossibly even unable to form my question properly. Foe the same reason, I stay clear of the sub-Forums here where I don't reckon to know enough to be any use.

    I regularly see quality questions from first time posters, followed by excellent answers but no response from the OP but it isn't everyone's human nature to come back and say thanks and neither should we expect them to.

    From one who is also old and running short of patients daily, I say unto thee - lower your expections of your fellow man - you should have found that one out already. :D

  2. Thanks for you reply. I did try and qualify.... I really dont mind people not knowing about computers... thats not being an "idiot" in my terms.
    Its the ones who make zero effort and dont have the wit or common sense to be able to frame a coherent question (and again... I know English is not everyones first language, so I am happy to decipher when people have made an effort).

    And I agree - there are some excellent posts from all sorts... but so much "chaff" for so little "wheat" ;)

    As for your comment "I say unto thee - lower your expections of your fellow man".... I thought I had, I didnt realise I would have to go THAT Low!!! ;)

    I like going to all forums - If I know, I can help... if I dont know... I can learn :)

    But just not sure how much more I can take!!!... but its a new day ... i am invigorated and ready to have my hopes dashed all over again!!! ;)

  3. If a post is truly a useless "Hello, fix my computer", report it and we'll look into whether or not we consider it valuable enough to exist. I can't speak for the other moderators, but if I see a thread where the problem can't even be vaguely deciphered from the half-line blurb given, I usually get rid of it. We also remove or merge obvious duplicates, so report those as well.
  4. Hello Yoji:

    I just got done reading your post here. I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with the select group of participants which your post shines a light upon. Yes indeed, it can be rather frustrating sifting through the subject matter that your post illuminates as negative. However, please remember as a teacher or one in the know what it was like for you as a student. That may help you channel your frustrations away and maintain your sanity. I know what it is like to be an instructor to others, especially when others do not hold a good command of our English language, nor an ability to absorb material quickly, etc. This experience that select others bring into this exchange is part of the cost factor of being a guru to others. Perhaps this comment of mine will sooth your experience with those who can't communicate with you upon your level of wisdom.

    Keeping that in mind, Yoji I believe you are seeking a more challenging post to ponder. So, may I politely guide you to a recent post of my own, and may I politely ask you to comment upon my learning observations? If you are as skillful as your post suggests then I predict you will find my posted questions to be refreshing. I am new to building a computer. However, I have a modest amount of experience both within the field itself, from prior workng experience of several years ago, working on the software end and some networking systems understanding on a moderate level, and some personal experience learning about this and that when I can.

    Right now, I've taken on the challenge of building my first computer. And, I am doing my own homework the best I can, but I am still having difficulty understanding things related to motherboards and graphic cards and assorted hardware.

    When you have some time, will you look upon my post and make some comments? Here is the recent post from me: [Asus] Reading through chapter 3 of the Asus online manual for P8Z68-V-Pro/Gen 3 My last post was on: 03-03-2012 at 02:23 am.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
  5. If there is a non-sense post, please use the 'report' link. That's all you have to do. Our Mod team will take it from there. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the "heads up' aford10. I read a post from yoji where he was complaining about certain posters at this forum. I just wanted to tap his views in a more positive direction. People who are very knowledgable about many things posted within this forum sometimes may allow their frustrations, with those on a lower level of knowledge, get the better of them. I invited yoji to review my recent posted concerns, which I thought may have been more challenging to his desire to really be helpful. His replies to my posted concern regarding motherboard manual items were somewhat helpful. So, I will not clasify his efforts as non-sense. I may not completely agree with his perspective on things, but some of what he shared with me is worth further consideration.

    aford10, You have a nice day.
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